We Design And Build Patios To Compliment Your Garden

An important part of redesigning your garden will probably include a patio. The hard landscaping is one of the most important things to get right. Not only will it define the shape of the space, it can also be the most expensive part, so great care should be taken at the design layout stage.

We have been lucky to work with hundreds of great home owners over the years throughout Surrey and Hampshire and whilst each client my have a different vision, or in some cases no vision, once we sit down to discuss what they actually want from a new garden design, in terms of elements like covered areas, a pond, a water feature or a decking area etc. The ideas start to flow and then we can put pencil to paper.

There are many different types of stone and literally hundreds of different layouts too, not forgetting aggregates, decorative chippings, slate and so on. But don’t worry our years of experience will guide you.